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■It takes several years to become a full-fledged person! ? How to raise an officer secretary

■It takes several years to become a full-fledged person! ?? How to raise an officer secretary

When assigning an executive secretary, it is a matter of concern as a manager whether to educate people in the company as a secretary or to hire a dispatched secretary. Which one is better? The qualities required of a secretary may reveal the benefits of a dispatched secretary.



■ Various factors are required because the scope of work is wide

What exactly is the secretary's job? In fact, the range of work is very wide. The basic is to play an active role as a supporter for your boss. I always think about how to get my boss to work comfortably and follow up. In that case, it is necessary to take on the chores of the boss as much as possible and concentrate on the work of the original boss. The miscellaneous tasks include schedule management, telephone support, email and letter processing, visitor support, and document creation. In addition to work, knowledge of business etiquette is also required because work includes arrangements for condolences, midyear gifts, and year-end gifts. It is impossible to acquire such a wide range of abilities in a year or two.


■ Anyway, common sense, manners, and experience say things

As I have already introduced, you need to have a deep knowledge of business etiquette, which is common sense in the business world, such as making arrangements related to condolences and dealing with visitors such as serving tea. Also, because secretaries often have a wide variety of tasks, they often do multiple things at once, and they also need memory to remember them. If you get too busy, you need to be able to judge and act because you have to prioritize your work immediately. In addition, you need the ability to gather information to gather the information your boss needs so that your busy boss's job will be easier. These are not something that can be learned only by studying on the desk, but can only be learned through long experience and training.


■ If you use a temporary staffing company, you can serve one person from the beginning

In this way, I think you can see that what is required for the job of a secretary is a wide range of knowledge and abilities. These tasks are slow to move after being ordered by your boss, and you need to be aware of what your boss wants and take immediate action before being ordered. There are secretarial exams to become a secretary, but you do not necessarily need to have a qualification. That genius is acquired through long experience and training. The fact that in a typical company, when you hire a full-time employee for secretarial work, you don't hire a new employee, and most of the time you hire someone with long work experience in another department, the difficulty of this job is demonstrated. I will. If you're a dispatched secretary, you already have all these talents. For companies, there will be a big advantage in terms of labor costs.





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