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■Is the executive driver tight? About the work content and the reason why it is said to be hard

■Is the executive driver tight? About the work content and the reason why it is said to be hard

An executive driver is a private driver, such as a corporate executive. Various skills are required to play an active role in work. However, although I am interested in executive drivers, there are many people who think that their work is tough. Why do many people find the work of executive drivers tough? In this article, I will explain what the executive driver does and why the job seems to be tough.



1. Job description of executive driver

The main job of an executive driver is to transfer a person in an important position, such as a corporate executive, to a car. So to speak, you will work as an "exclusive driver". After successfully picking up and dropping off at the destination, it is common to wait until the officer's errands are completed. However, it is not clear what time the work will end. Therefore, you should be aware that it is basically impossible to go anywhere during that waiting time.


2. Why do executive drivers seem to be tough?

For those who like driving, the job of an executive driver will be attractive. However, executive drivers tend to think that their work is hard. Why do executive drivers seem to have a tough job? The reasons for this are as follows.


2-1. Postpone yourself

One of the major reasons why executive drivers seem to have a tough job is that they have to put themselves off. The main task of an officer driver is to deliver the officer safely to the destination. Basically, work occurs only when an officer goes somewhere, and it is common to have a waiting time when not in operation. Therefore, the waiting time tends to be long, and some people may feel pain. Also, it is not clear when the officer's errands will end. It is necessary to put the officers first and wait on the spot so that you can get in the car at any time. Basically, it is necessary to organize, maintain, and check the schedule in the car so that the officers can spend their waiting time comfortably. In this way, "putting the officers first and putting yourself off" is a factor that seems to be tough.


2-2. You have to communicate

"Communicative competence" is important for working as an executive driver. There are many opportunities to be alone while you are moving to your destination with an officer in your car. In a private space, you may have a personal conversation with an officer or receive various consultations. A certain level of communication skills is required to facilitate such conversations. In addition, the officer driver should never dismiss the information obtained in the conversation with the officer. You need to keep secrets without talking to close friends such as family and friends. People who say, "What I hear makes me want to talk to someone" or "I like gossip" can find these restrictions tight.


2-3. High driving skills are required

"High driving skills" are indispensable to play an active role in work. Officers and drivers must always keep in mind safe driving because it is an important job that saves lives. In addition to paying attention to safety, it is important to keep in mind "comfortable driving" so that officers can relax in the car. Even if I am confident in my driving skills, I cannot calmly ride in a driving situation where I suddenly start or brake suddenly. Also, some officers may work in the car. It is important to drive carefully so as not to interfere with your work. It will be important to accurately detect "what the officers want" and drive according to it, such as improving work efficiency and relaxing.



Hard but rewarding work

Executive drivers need "high driving skills," "good personality," and "a wide range of skills such as business etiquette." Occasionally, you may be tasked with managing the schedule of officers, and you may find the work content tough. However, there are many skills and things that can be learned by engaging with important positions such as executives and presidents. An executive driver is a tough job, but a rewarding and engaging job. If you are interested, why not give it a try?





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