2023 / 09 / 10

■Driver dispatch service! Cost and risk can be reduced! ?

■Driver dispatch service! Cost and risk can be reduced! ?

These days, companies are making various rationalizations to reduce costs! Instead of hiring an officer driver, we are increasingly asking for an officer driver to be dispatched. So what are the benefits of using a temporary staffing service?



■ Available only when needed! Easy is recommended

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using the executive driver dispatch service is that you can save money. If you hire an officer driver, you will incur labor costs such as retirement allowances and welfare expenses in addition to your monthly salary. However, outsourcing driving operations can significantly reduce those labor costs. You can hire a dispatched driver only when you need it, so the cost is minimal. In addition, it does not require the cost and time of recruiting and training drivers, so it is much less troublesome. In this way, it can be said that it is very rational to hire a dispatched driver in terms of cost and time.


■ Because driving professionals will come! Reduce costs by reducing self-risk!

It's better to have less stress when commuting so that you can concentrate on your work with peace of mind. For that reason, executive drivers are required to have high driving skills. In that respect, it is safe to say that the dispatched driver is a driver who can be said to be a driving professional who has accumulated many years of experience. In addition, temporary staffing companies have their own training system for technical intern training, and there is no dedication to safe driving education. Because it is a high quality driver, there is less risk of accidents and extra costs due to accidents can be reduced. From this point as well, it can be said that there are great advantages in terms of safety and cost.


■ Don't be afraid to ride a customer with a highly educated driver!

In addition to driving experience and skills, it is also a great advantage that drivers who are well-educated in terms of manners are dispatched. Most of the drivers are serving executives and executives on a regular basis, so they have the basics of etiquette, grooming, and customer service, so they can use it with confidence even in the business scene where important customers are placed. I will. Of course, you don't have to worry about keeping confidentiality. A driver with good manners and morals and attentiveness to the surroundings can be said to be a strong ally in leading a successful business.





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