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■Busy secretary! What is the daily schedule?

■Busy secretary! What is the daily schedule?

When it comes to secretarial work, it may be hard to imagine only adjusting the schedule of the boss. A secretary who is by the boss and always supports him. What kind of schedule does it actually work on?



■ About the time of arrival and the flow of the morning

The time of arrival is often different depending on the company and the boss attached, but it is preferable to arrive before the arrival time of the attached boss. The role of the secretary is mainly to assist the boss and to coordinate the schedule, so it is meaningless if the boss cannot check his schedule immediately after coming to work in the morning. In the case of a secretary with an officer, it seems that there are many types of officers who regularly come to work around 9:00 and return home around 17:30, so like a normal office worker, the secretary should come to work by 8:50 at the latest. Let's do it. After coming to work, check your email while preparing your boss's morning drink, check your boss's schedule for today, and briefly summarize what you need to discuss with your boss today. When the boss arrives at the office, he will greet you, confirm today's schedule, and after completing the items to be confirmed, listen to any requests from the boss and leave the room promptly. After that, I will return to my job, but I need to keep an eye on the trends of the bosses.


■ About lunch break and afternoon work

Most lunch breaks can be taken on time, but you may be able to do it at your desk during busy times. Either way, you need to match the boss as well as the time you arrive at the office. On days when the boss is having lunch, the secretary can have lunch relatively slowly, and when the boss is busy, the secretary must finish lunch quickly. In the afternoon work, as in the morning, keep an eye on the boss while doing your own work. Since the boss is also human, you may get tired or sleepy. It would be nice to be able to serve coffee and sweets in a well-defined place at the right timing of the boss. It is important not to miss the timing when the boss goes to a meeting or dinner, and to be prepared to respond immediately when the boss concentrates on his work and is likely to be late.


■ About business end time and free time

Basically, it is preferable that the business end time goes up on time, such as 17:30 if you arrive at the office at 9:00. As an officer, you often have the opportunity to attend a night dinner or work late into the night, making it difficult to wait until the boss's work is done. So unless you have something special, ask your boss if you have anything else to do, then tell the boss that you're going to be rude first on time and go home. It's not good to work overtime every day, as the secretary's blunder will smear the boss's face. Also, even in your free time after leaving the office, you shouldn't take your time off and drink. You don't know when and where your boss's business partner is looking. It's not that you enjoy it, but always try to behave responsibly.





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