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■If you use it frequently, dispatch a driver! How is it different from hire?

■If you use it frequently, dispatch a driver! How is it different from hire?

When assigning a dedicated driver to a company officer, do you wonder which is better, a hire or a dispatched officer driver? It seems better to seriously compare which one is more convenient. I thought about when the executive driver would be profitable.



■ The biggest difference is whether you own a car

Isn't the first thing to think about if your company has a company car? If you have a company car, you don't need to bring it, so you can conclude that you won't ask for a hire. If you ask a dispatched officer driver, you can get one body. Moreover, if you ask for a hire, you will often be charged a transfer fee until you come to the company. By comparison, executive drivers are paid on a full hourly basis and are only charged for the hours they drive for themselves. Another big advantage is that you can use a company car. For example, what if your company car has a car phone? Phones that couldn't be used by hire can now be used in company cars.


■ If the usage scene is decided, the officer driver

What do you need a car for? If you know exactly what kind of course you will be going around, we recommend an officer driver. In the case of a hire, it feels very similar to a taxi, so it is strong to go around flexibly, but the price will be high and you will not be able to use the best time. If you are an executive driver, tell us your schedule in advance and they will be ready for you. On top of that, they will prepare for you, so most of your selfishness will be heard. For example, if you suddenly want to go to the bathroom while running the scheduled course, or if you need to go to a convenience store, it will respond flexibly.


■ If you are an executive driver, you can build a relationship of trust

Executive drivers receive thorough training in their company on improving communication skills and business etiquette. The results are reflected in internal conversations. They casually take care of the officers and hold conversations that soothe their feelings. We also receive thorough training on driving skills and how to avoid traffic jams. As a result, troubles can be dealt with, and the relationship of trust between the driver and officers can be easily deepened. Also, if you are a repeater, you will not forget the customer you once picked up, so the service should improve further. The more you use the services of executive drivers, the easier it is to build a relationship of trust.





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