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■Is it true that a secretary cant get married?

■ Is it true that a secretary can't get married?

A secretary generally has the image of a beautiful woman. I have the impression that it seems to be popular, but there are rumors that it is easy to miss the marriage period. Let's examine why such rumors are easy to make.



■ Is it true that many secretaries are unmarried?

It can be said that many secretaries are unmarried women. That's because everything needs to be in line with the schedule of the officer in charge. Of course, vacations and vacations need to be tailored to the officer in charge, so unmarried people are easier to schedule. You also need the help of your secretary when the officer in charge has to respond to sudden events inside or outside the company or in the event of an obituary. Therefore, unmarried women who can respond flexibly to sudden schedules are preferred. It is strictly forbidden for the secretary to get sick and take a sudden rest. You are required to be in good physical condition on a regular basis. This is one of the reasons why unmarried women are preferred over married women because married women may take a rest due to poor physical condition of their husbands and children. However, secretaries who can work and secretaries who are compatible with each other are often requested to continue even if they get married, so if you want to continue even if you get married, it is important to accumulate trust and trust.


■ Is the secretary surprisingly popular?

Although the secretary has a gorgeous impression in the drama, the current situation is that there is generally a lot of sober work. It can be said that there is a lot of in-house work such as preparing and cleaning up visitors by doing clerical work and arranging work on behalf of the officer in charge. In addition, because it acts as a bridge to convey instructions and orders from the officer in charge to people inside and outside the company, depending on the character of the officer in charge, he or she may be shunned regardless of the secretary. It can be said that it is not popular with people who know the secretary's secrets, because sometimes you have to make an unreasonable request to someone who is far older than you or in a position. In addition, because we must always respond to sudden schedules, we are often shunned not only because we need to be nimble, but also because it is difficult to take vacations. However, the experience of support and responsiveness that can be cultivated in secretarial work is often useful in daily life, and it is a popular occupation for those who want to grow as a woman and want to work with a decent person. I can say.


■ Do secretaries have fewer encounters than expected?

If you work for a company where you can have a secretary and you are surrounded by excellent business people, you may have many encounters. However, surprisingly, the secretary has never met. First of all, there are many women who belong to the same department, and then there are many elderly married men who are related to the officer in charge, and there are few opportunities to meet young male employees and men outside the company. There are few opportunities to accompany the officer in charge when going out, and the current situation is that there are basically many cases where guests are welcomed. Even if a young man from outside the company visits, he often accompanies his boss, and it can be said that there is almost no situation where he can talk freely. Since it will be a prominent presence in the company, it is difficult for men to approach it, which is one of the reasons why there are few encounters. However, because I am involved with excellent men on a daily basis, my eyes to see men are cultivated.





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